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Cars on Fifth Ave Naples Florida Ferrari Event

Both Top 10 Homes USA and Clientele Luxury Global were featured in VIP Bags to all Drivers and VIP Guest.

 Dc Finance High Net Worth New York Event

East Coast Conference

High Net Worth Annual Conference-Miami W Hotel

Florida Family Offices Dc Finance 

World Class Yacht Show Monaco Boat Show 

Clientele Luxury made an appearance with Haute Retreats

ICYMI: Elite 6 Hosts Successful Chicago Real Estate Networking Summit, Announces  Partnership with Imerman Angels

Over 100 dedicated professionals and top performers in Chicago’s Real Estate Industry gathered at Rhine Hall Distillery in West Fulton Market on the evening of July 17, 2018, for the ‘Meet the Elite 6’ Real Estate Networking Summit, partnership with Imerman Angels. Clientele Luxury Appearance 

@elite6dinners Photo credits : Karen Knier
Photography and Tiffany Nagy Photography.

Venice ITALY Biennale International Art Event

Venice, Hotel Rialto , San Marco Square & Londra Palace/ Clientele Luxury Appearance with Haute Retreats 

Italy International Celebration "70 Edition of Luxury Racing Cars"

 Magazine pics: Cortina d’Ampezzo Voted 1 of the 8 most beautiful Hotels & Resorts in Italy Photo Credit : Haute Retreats 

Cars On Fifth Ferrari Club Event 2/11/17- Naples Florida 2016 2017 

Clientele Luxury was presented to the VIP Attending Individuals 

Our Luxury Publication Reaches

Luxury Places & Events Internationally

Photo Credit: Haute Retreats

Florida Family Office, DC Finance High Net Worth Event Miami Florida 

Our Company was in present with other High Net Worth Individuals and Companies (magazine appearance) 

Rolls-Royce Media Event Boston, Ma #dawndrive 

Our Executive staff was selected to Drive the Dawn Rolls-Royce Convertible from Boston to Newport RI. Media Event

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